Monday, August 25, 2014

Bath and body works haul ♡

Ok so I am one for fall/winter weather sents and when I passed bath and body works I just had to go in!

I was a bit disappointed because their new fall plug ins won't be in for few weeks, but I did pick up some wallflower refills... they where on sale for $3 dollars. 

I hate the taste of anything pumpkin,  but it's still my favorite fall scent!

Crazy cat lady purchase

Ok so I use to love going school shopping, I still do lol

I had my son's out school shopping, Wow another school year. Where did the time go? But anyway I love just finding something random... and kids said we need these in our house ... and I agreed!

A black cat as a tape dispenser,  and a white one as a post it holder? Amazing!

I found these at Kmart... last ones at mine but they where 9.99 I do belive ( I could be wrong lost my receipt)