Thursday, September 18, 2014

Michael's craft store fall decor haul

I love Michael's ♡ and they had the fall / halloween decorations 50% off so I had to go! 

Here is what I got :) 

Picked up this trio pumpkin candle holder hanging type thing? Rod iron with beads on it. Candles didn't come with I got those in a 4 pack for a dollar at dollar tree! 

Michael's :)

I picked these up at cvs! They where clearance to 8 dollars! Glass and metal really cute idk I might add at battery operated candle for under them. 

Got this got around Thanksgiving for in the middle of our table. Little turkey candle holder. I will attend a battery operated candle ♡ i had a coupon for 50% off something full price at Michael's
 This was marked 19.99 with coupon I got for 9.99

I love finding new decorations ♡ what have you found lately? 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bath and body works haul

Ok so my downfall is walking past ( or trying to ) bath and body works without going in... on a positive note my husband doesn't mind going in here with me ! ( he hates shopping with me ) and to be honest I blame him haha

Ok so we love these wallflowers! I picked up the pumpkin ( it lights up ) and some pumpkin spice. Then the car clips where buy 3 get 2 free.... why do they make them so cute?? I can't wait for the winter ones ... I love snowmen ♡ simple addiction

Plus I got suckered into going back .. by this free item coupon. Haha to be continued! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Bath and body works haul ♡

Ok so I am one for fall/winter weather sents and when I passed bath and body works I just had to go in!

I was a bit disappointed because their new fall plug ins won't be in for few weeks, but I did pick up some wallflower refills... they where on sale for $3 dollars. 

I hate the taste of anything pumpkin,  but it's still my favorite fall scent!

Crazy cat lady purchase

Ok so I use to love going school shopping, I still do lol

I had my son's out school shopping, Wow another school year. Where did the time go? But anyway I love just finding something random... and kids said we need these in our house ... and I agreed!

A black cat as a tape dispenser,  and a white one as a post it holder? Amazing!

I found these at Kmart... last ones at mine but they where 9.99 I do belive ( I could be wrong lost my receipt)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cup cake and daisy air freshener find at dollar tree

So I found these at dollar tree! 
First thing they put me in mind of where bath and body works. I own a few of them they are about 10 dollars for one. 
Figured I would pick up a few of these! Glad I did. Not only are they cute in my car but really smells amazing! They had a few others to choose from , lady bug, butterfly and the two pictured below. 

The daisy scent is apple 
the cupcake vanilla ( both smell great but the cupcake one is my favorite) 
a must buy if you can find them at your local dollar tree! Happy shopping. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Dollar tree lip glass find.

Even tho these would be super easy to make. I was surprised to find them already done like this at the dollar tree. Of course I picked some up and have been using them for over 2 weeks. And they are my go to glasses. And paint for the lips is still in place. I posted this on Instagram and someone said they had mugs. Mine didn't but keep eye open for them! Overall I would recommend these and.might repurchase some more for ourselves need to change up my old glasses anyway!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Walmart clearance finds

Went to Walmart last week and they had full size warmers on clearance for 7 and these plug in one's for 5. May different styles but this is the one I picked up wax is also on clearance for 1 dollar

Lowes clearance find !

So I stopped into Lowes and found this ! 59.99 water fountain on clearance for less than 11 dollars.