Saturday, July 20, 2013

huge 1-3 dollar clothing haul walmart


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Online finds

I got this dress at 5.99 mall ! It is amazing quality I love it however some items I received from there are a hit or miss . If this dress is still on there would recommend it !! The sunglasses are dupes for ray ban I love these glasses ordered from 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Friday, February 1, 2013

Dollar tree find

Was happy to find these at dollar tree!  They are still at Walgreens, Walmart, extra for 8  dollars.  I always wanted to try but never wanted to pay that. When I seen them at dollar tree I picked them up! Been using them for the past 2 weeks and love them.. mutual have great for messy updos or neat ones easy to use!  I have long hair and no problems holding my hair up all day! Will do a video tutorial on how to and some updos with this. 

Hello kitty mcdonalds happy meal 2013 collection

So mcdonalds has hello Kitty toys again!  I collect these and just put a I hook in top and use as ornaments.  My mcdonalds so far had #1 artist #2 dancer #3 tennis #4 reading there are 6 total in this set good luck finding all of them!  Only time I go to mcdonalds willingly is when they have hello Kitty toys Lol

Dollar tree ..amazing finds

If you watch me on YouTube,you know how much I love the dollar tree.  From makeup to crafts I always end up finding something.  This week I was surprised to see these goodie hair tools always wanted to try but never felt like paying 9 dollars...  as I seen these items at Walgreens this week as well for full price! With that being said is What I bought each was one dollar each!  And the Neva only flavors they had at my store was cherry or strawberry.  Happy shopping leave me a comment let me know What u have found good at dollar tree lately!