Wednesday, October 10, 2012

favorite deal at rite aid 10-07-12 to 10-13-12 free and possible money maker !

here is one of my favorite deals at rite aid this week ...... free and a possible money maker here is how it goes ...

this week in flyer at rite aid the thermacare is on sale for 3 dollars the 1 count 
there is also a coupon in this ad ( on the back ) 
for 3 dollars off !!! 
making this item 100% free no worry about up rewards or anything out of pocket just cut the coupon and free but it gets better (: 

 this coupon says one per customer but i have bought several and went through free no problem !
   below is the one u need to look for this one is the one that is 3 dollars !

 when you are at checkout they have a new catilina machine ! this will print for the cashier my cashier just scanned my cupon ( make sure u have 2 dollars in overage for this to cover ! )

this coupon i never seen but i did get one and it says for the 2 count or larger ( should not be used with this one count ) i have went to a few rite aids and the cashiers are just scanning it as soon as it comes out i never handed it to them !
making this a 2 dollar money maker !
good luck have fun saving or making money shopping !

check out my weekly sale deal videos search youtube for xoxoamandakisses ! 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

makeup at biglots !

so i went into big lots looking for storage ideas for my craft room , of course i had to stop at the makeup issle look what all i found (: 

^ they have loreal hip lip duos for 2 dollars all different colors i didnt get all the names but they had 7 different ones !

 ^ maybeline foundation ! this stuff is good i do own a bottle was 3 dollars and had all shades to match all of us

^they had over 10 different shades of loreal lipstick ( i passed they were mostly reds or deeper colors but if u wear darker colors they were amazing ) i did pick up some of the maybeline lipsticks and was so happy on the color selection alot of nudes and pinks !! they were 3 dollars ( if u want to see the colors i picked out check out my haul on youtube xoxoamandakisses ) 

^ then lastly lash blast mascara !!!! the limited edition ones for 1.50???/ yes i bought a ton this is my all time favorite mascara !!!! just love it for 1.50 the best deal i found yesterday go pick some up !